How to fix ‘warning: package-query: local .. is newer than extra ..’ in Arch Linux

Hi, if you are a normal Arch or Arch derivative like Manjaro user there is a possibility that you’ve encountered above warning message when you updating your packages. The reason for this warning message is in your local repository, you have the newer version of the package(s) than the remote repository. There are two solutions for this warning.

  • You can ignore the warning and proceed. It’s just a warning.
  • Downgrade your local repository packages to match the remote repository ones. Then there will be no warnings.

How to downgrade the packages to remove the warning

A quick workout is to execute the following command in your terminal. It will update the system. It will most probably fix your problem and update all your packages.

sudo pacman -Syu

If it’s not the solution, run below commands instead.

sudo pacman -Suu
sudo pacman -Syyu

The first command will update all the packages and then downgrade required packages. The next command will do a full upgrade. This will solve the above problem. And the system will update without any issue. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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